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Lara Hope Hayes

Youth Fiction Author


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Band Geeks

Attention aspiring musicians!

Cecilia and her friends are starting 7th grade. They are also taking band class. Tag-along with them on their musical journey as they learn to read music and play instruments and maybe one day you will want to be a band geek too!

Available NOW!

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Pet Sitter Extraordinaire:

The Apprentice


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About Lara Hope Hayes

Lara Hope is a life long resident of Georgia. Despite her aged appearance, she is still young at heart. Her stories of magic, fantasy, mystical creatures and urban lore will capture your imagination and tug at your heart strings. Lara lives with her husband, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 7 chickens in a gingerbread house near a chocolate river at the top of a marshmallow mountain.

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